Geothermal Power – This form of green energy has been around since the early 1900s. It is using the thermal energy that is stored in the Earth. When the heat under the ground rises the steam is harnessed for power. You can find a quick rundown here recent developments in harnessing this energy is making it more widely available to consumers.

Hydro power – This form of green energy fund is using the power create by the energy of flowing water. It is the least expensive of the kinds of renewable energy available in the United States. The largest example
of hydro power is the Hoover Dam at the Nevada and Arizona border.

Biomass – A newer way of creating green energy is biomass. This is when different types of biomass fuel are used to heat water, move turbines and create green energy. Some promising fuel sources are
using trash and even cow manure. The perfect way is to recycle and create green energy for our future.

The gases emitted from aerosol sprays impact the air and contribute to the destruction of the protective ozone layer. The most common aerosol sprays used by individuals are hairsprays and cooking sprays. A greener alternative is to use products that spritz rather than spray solutions from pressurized cans.
Spray whipped topping is also placed inside a pressurized can. A greener use of whipped topping would be to either make your own from a packaged mix, or from actual cream, or to buy a readymade product you can spoon. Spray paint is another environmentally offensive product which is still used by many people. An alternative to using the pressurized spray cans filled with paint is to use a motorized sprayer. This item also uses air to create a steady flow of paint, but the air is not compressed under pressure in a small container. Changing to environmentally friendly products can reduce the carbon footprint you leave behind.

One of the fastest growing industries in America is the field of green. Renewable energy funds are changing the way we live. Building around the nation are impacted by new knowledge and higher standards required by the government. Change is here and now is the time to get on board with this exciting career. There are many different certifications one is my pursue. There are more and more universities offering a degree in this all important field. There are also more practical and skilled certifications that may be
accessed as well. Here are a few LEED- A LEED certification is issues through the US Green Building
Council. This certification shows you know all the federal standards and codes that meet new sustainable building science green techniques. It requires a lot of memorization and understanding of the building and energy saving processes.

BPI-The Building Performance Institute issues this certification which requires one to know how to perform an energy audit on retrofits. HERS Rater-This is a certification is issued by RESNET. This allows one to go into new homes and perform a detailed analysis of the buildings energy consumption.

These are just a few of the many certifications one may acquire in the energy field. It is an exciting and innovative area where consumers are saving money and our environment is benefiting.