Now days the venture has attracted an investor, the venture needs to satisfy the investor for further investment. To do that, the venture needs to provide the investor a clear business plan how to realize their idea and how the venture capital and entrepreneurship is planning to earn back the investment that is put into the venture, of course with a lucrative return.

Together with the market researchers, provided by the solar investors, the venture has to determine how big the market is in their region. They have to find out who are the potential clients and if the market is big enough to realize the idea.

From market research, the venture comes to know that there are enough potential clients for their portal site. But there are no providers of lunches yet. To convince these providers, the venture decided to do interviews with providers and try to convince them to join.

With this knowledge, the venture can finish their business plan and determine a pretty good forecast of the revenue, the cost of developing and maintaining the site and the profit the venture will earn in the following five years. After reading the business plan and consulting the person who monitors the venture capital required, the investor decides that the idea is worth for further development the risk of losing the investment is shrinking, because the uncertainty is becoming clearer. The risk of losing the investment for the venture capital firm is dropped, but the causation of major risk by stage of development becomes higher. This can be explained by the fact because the prototype was not fully developed and tested at the seed stage. And the VC firm has underestimated the risk involved.

We can assume that the idea has been transformed into a product and is being produced and sold. This is the first encounter with the rest of the market, the competitors.

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